Executives in TransitionAre you looking to change careers or continue a career that has been interrupted?

We find ourselves in a time of greater demand for organizational performance.  At the same time finding the career you desire often requires “one more thing to ensure success.”  Working with our consultants and credentialed coaches along with using the best tools will position you for success.

The Golden Course for Career Transition™ can help you win with its two powerful components:

The course modules are written specifically for those in transition. Golden Career Strategies has cut through the mountain of information available related to job searches via books, the Web, and other sources to bring you the material most relevant to your situation. It captures the best, most current information available for those in transition.

Each step of your search is supported by individual coaching from experienced professional coaches who specialize in specific aspects of career management. GCS career coaches and consultants will enhance your efforts by providing expert guidance, feedback, accountability, and support for dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of a significant life change.

Course Modules:

Whether voluntary or involuntary, a career transition often brings feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt, loss of control, anger, and frustration. While these feelings are natural, carrying them forward into a career search can kill all chances of success. Module One helps clients turn what might be perceived as a negative life event into one that is seen for what it truly is—an opportunity to find a career that is more aligned with personal attributes, interests, values, passions, and bringing greater success and satisfaction.

The primary objective of Golden Career Strategies is to assist clients in finding rewarding careers, rather than their next jobs. Our battery of assessments and evaluations are confidential tools designed for you to better know yourself, your greatest strengths, and the occupations to which you are best suited.

The most compelling resumé is one that is well constructed and placed in the hands of the decision-makers. Golden Career Strategies assists you in developing a resumé that best summarizes your qualifications, skills, and career objectives.

Nowhere is having a sales mentality more important than throughout the interview process. Your knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes, personality, and appearance make a very unique “product” that the company needs to “buy.” You will develop the techniques to help you present your product most effectively.

Networking and strategic alliances are key to finding your next career opportunity and Golden Career Strategies can show you how to do this. A proper approach to the market is critical if you are to find your best career option. Golden Career Strategies has an excellent reputation for providing clients with innovative marketing plans.

Strategic correspondence is a critical component of your marketing effort. Golden Career Strategies will add value to your campaign by assisting you in writing well-crafted letters, emails, and other documents. You will learn how to request informational interviews, clarify points made during an interview, write a needs letter, confirm details of a position, or graciously decline an offer.

Your GCS Career Coach will help you evaluate offers and resolve differences between what you expect and what is offered. You will learn to respond to questions and ask the right questions yourself to help you negotiate your best overall package.

Senior executives often face unique challenges in career transitions. Module Seven provides advanced interviewing techniques and strategies for negotiating executive contracts.

Other Services:

Many GCS clients wish to take advantage of additional coaching to enhance job performance and accelerate career development. If you would like more information, please visit our extended coaching services page.