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Does it pay to be nice?

So, is civility just a garnish on the plate of business?  We grew up learning how to be nice to those around us, sometimes that gets lost in the busyness of business.  I recall an incident years ago, the factory had a high pressure line break and I shouted to the supervisor to, “Go, shut it off right now!”   He stopped came back and asked if it was too much trouble for me to say, “Please.”  I was completely taken aback.  That said, I have been guilty in the past of sacrificing relationship on the altar of expediency.  I did learn that in most cases it was worth it to take a moment and treat every encounter, each individual with respect.  Now, I’m still not sure if Tom would have gotten a please out of me as water sprayed over half of my building.

Too often perhaps we take each interaction independently, not recognizing that we benefit from seeing this interaction as part of a long relationship, a relationship that we must continue to protect and foster, for financial benefit, and because its the right thing to do.  In this TED talk Christine Porath details, “Why being nice to your coworkers is good for business.”    Enjoy!