Golden Career Strategies RoundtablesAre you interested in discussing your career transition efforts with others? Would you like to learn valuable skills that will give you an advantage?

The Golden Career Strategies Roundtable is a network of executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and others who meet each Monday morning to discuss career transition and other important topics related to making the career of your dreams a reality. This time allows each participant to start off the week with a focus on their personal career plans and to build relationships with others in this longstanding community.

Meetings are led by owner, Stacey Bevill, BCC, ACC, MPM, and facilitators with career-related expertise and include a variety of helpful topics. Participants consider the Executive Roundtable as one of the most useful benefits of The Golden Course for Career Transition™.

The Golden Career Strategies Roundtable meets on Monday morning from 9:00 -10:00 AM ET.
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Golden Career Strategies upcoming topics:



Event Information

02/22/2021 via Zoom Sleep and Your Career
02/15/2021 via Zoom Identifying Ways We Self-Sabotage
02/08/2021 via Zoom Building Trust with Communication
02/01/2021 via Zoom Identifying the Gift in Each Situation
01/25/2021 via Zoom Improving Your Zoom Interviewing Presence
01/18/2021 via Zoom Understanding the Mind/Body Connection and Communication
01/11/2021 via Zoom Positive Intelligence for Interviewing and Networking
01/04/2021 via Zoom The Truth About Multitasking
12/28/2020 via Zoom No Roundtable – Happy New Year!
12/21/2020 via Zoom Intro to the Effects of Stress on the Brain
12/14/2020 via Zoom Exploring the Strong Interest Inventory for Career Transition
12/07/2020 via Zoom Preventing, Identifying, and Recovery from Burnout
11/30/2020 via Zoom Bliss – What is it and how do I find it?
11/23/2020 via Zoom Becoming More Resilient
11/16/2020 via Zoom Energy Patterns and Leadership – An intro to FEBI
11/09/2020 via Zoom Understanding Resilience
11/02/2020 via Zoom Coping: The Impact of Fear and Ways to Minimize
10/26/2020 via Zoom Communication and Trust During Times of Chaos
10/19/2020 via Zoom Making Powerful Requests
10/12/2020 via Zoom Opportunity In a Pandemic Market

Topics subject to change.

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