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Golden Career Strategies RoundtablesAre you interested in career transition, career development, and personal development? Would you like to learn valuable skills that will give you an advantage? Would you like to be a part of a supportive network?

The Golden Career Strategies Roundtable is a network of those in career transition, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and others. Everyone is welcome. We meet each Monday morning to discuss career development and other important topics related to becoming the best you and be and making the career of your dreams a reality. This time allows each participant to start the week focusing on their personal career plans and build relationships with others in this longstanding community.

Meetings are led by owner Stacey Bevill, BCC, ACC, MPM, and facilitators with career-related expertise and include a variety of helpful topics. Participants consider the Monday Morning Roundtable as one of the most valuable benefits of The Golden Career Course™.

The Golden Career Strategies Roundtable meets on Monday morning from 9:00 -10:00 AM ET. Register Now
Please be prepared to have your mic, and your camera turned on.

Golden Career Strategies upcoming topics:



Event Information

02/13/2023 via Zoom Re-embracing your Passion
02/06/2023 via Zoom Discovering your Strengths with VIA
01/30/2023 via Zoom Productivity Myths/Time Wasters
01/23/2023 via Zoom Moving Through Our Blocks
01/16/2023 via Zoom Avoiding Drudgery
12/12/2022 – 01/15-2023 N/A No GCS Monday Morning Roundtables During This Time.
12/05/2022 via Zoom Burnout
Guest Speaker: Leigh Holcomb, PhD, ELI-MP
11/28/2022 via Zoom No Roundtable: Save travels!
11/21/2022 via Zoom Benefits of Gratitude
11/14/2022 via Zoom Job Search Strategies
11/07/2022 via Zoom Neurodiversity Part II
Guest Speaker: Leigh Holcomb, PhD, ELI-MP
10/31/2022 via Zoom Neurodiversity, Part I
10/24/2022 via Zoom Success and the “Tomorrow Rule”
10/17/2022 via Zoom Branding Your Uniqueness
10/10/2022 via Zoom No Roundtable – Happy Columbus/Indigenous Peoples’ Day
10/03/2022 via Zoom Incorporating “Pause” in Life and Leadership
09/26/2022 via Zoom Guest Speaker: Leigh Holcomb, PhD, ELI-MP
The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career”
by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis
09/19/2022 via Zoom Business Lessons from Aesop’s Fables
09/12/2022 via Zoom Identifying Values with the VIA
09/05/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy Labor Day
08/29/2022 via Zoom The Importance of Connecting
08/22/2022 via Zoom Leadership Endurance
Guest Speaker: Lonnie Decker
08/15/2022 NA Canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.
See you on the 22nd!
08/08/2022 via Zoom Shifting from Judgement to Wonder
08/01/2022 via Zoom Should Work Be Fun?
07/25/2022 via Zoom Building Your Resilience Capacity
07/18/2022 via Zoom Perfection Trap – Identifying When Good is Enough
07/11/2022 via Zoom Creating Conversations that Matter
Facilitated by Scott Wheeler
07/04/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy Independence Day!
06/27/2022 via Zoom Self-Trust
Guest Speaker: Steve Dorn
06/20/2022 NA No Roundtable: Juneteenth Federal Observation
06/13/2022 via Zoom Self-Love Is Your Self-Worth! It’s Your Time To Shine!
Guest Speaker: Lyn-Dee Eldridge
06/06/2022 via Zoom Designing High Quality Solutions
Guest Speaker: Richard Eppel
05/30/2022 NA No Roundtable for Memorial Day as we remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving
in the US armed forces.
05/23/2022 via Zoom Creating Trust
Guest Speaker: Steve Dorn
05/16/2022 via Zoom Using Phrases in Today’s Five Generation Workforce
05/09/2022 via Zoom Creating and Experiencing Daily Joy
05/02/2022 via Zoom Responding to “Tell me about yourself”
04/25/2022 via Zoom Navigating Loss
04/18/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy Easter Monday!
04/11/2022 via Zoom The Power of Active Listening
04/04/2022 via Zoom Successfully Managing Change
03/28/2022 via Zoom The Power of Both/And vs Either/Or Thinking
Guest Speaker: Richard Eppel
03/21/2022 via Zoom Understanding Imposter Syndrome
03/14/2022 via Zoom Now what do I do with this?
A model and discussion around handling work that comes your way when you’re part of an organization
Guest Speaker: Ken Buchanan
03/07/2022 via Zoom Stranger Danger:
Exploring Psychological Safety in the Workplace
Guest Speaker: Jada M. Addison, MA, MCCT
02/28/2022 via Zoom Addressing Confrontation and Instigation
02/21/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy President’s Day!
02/14/2022 via Zoom The Truth about Decision Fatigue
02/07/2022 via Zoom Setting Boundaries
01/31/2022 via Zoom What is Coaching
01/24/2022 via Zoom Defining and Planning for Success
01/17/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy Martin Luther King Day!
01/10/2022 via Zoom The Power of Declarations for Creating Your 2022
01/03/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy New Year!
12/27/2021 NA No Roundtable – Happy Holidays!
12/20/2021 via Zoom TBD
12/13/2021 via Zoom Exploring Rest
12/06/2021 via Zoom Understanding the “Max Exodus”
11/29/2021 via Zoom How to Get Up when Controlling, Offensive Remarks Get You Down
Guest Speaker: Kate Cohen-Posey, MS, LMFT, LMHC
author of Bully Proof: Empower Yourself Without Overpowering Others
11/22/2021 via Zoom Using a Wheel of Life to Identify and Live Your Values
11/15/2021 via Zoom         The role of norm play in building a high-performance culture
Guest Speaker: Richard Eppel
11/08/2021 via Zoom Enneagram: Stress and Strengths
Guest Speaker: Barb Ranck, ACC
11/01/2021 via Zoom Difficult Conversations: Why We Avoid  and Improving
10/25/2021 via Zoom Guest Speaker: Marc A. Pitman
author of The Surprising Gift of Doubt
10/18/2021 via Zoom Keys to Customer Success
Guest Speaker: Ken Buchanan
10/11/2021 NA No Roundtable – Federal Holiday!
10/04/2021 via Zoom Brainstorming for Success
09/27/2021 via Zoom The Power of Declarations and Words that Inspire
09/20/2021 via Zoom Let’s talk about Sales
Guest Speaker: Ken Buchanan
09/13/2021 via Zoom Word Choice for Effective Communication
09/06/2021 NA No Roundtable – Happy Labor Day!
08/30/2021 via Zoom Anxiety at Work
08/23/2021 via Zoom Building Trust
Facilitated by Richard Eppel
08/16/2021 via Zoom Favorite Books that have Inspired/Taught/Motivated
08/09/2021 via Zoom Emotional Intelligence
08/02/2021 via Zoom Meyers Briggs Type Indicator: More than 4 Letters
07/26/2021 via Zoom Effectively Presenting Yourself
07/19/2021 via Zoom Exploring Conflict
07/12/2021 via Zoom Building Your Capacity for Resilience
07/05/2021 NA No Roundtable – Happy Independence Day!
06/28/2021 via Zoom Goal Setting with S.P.I.R.I.T
06/21/2021 via Zoom Understanding the Neuroscience of Decision Making
06/14/2021 via Zoom Onboarding Success
06/07/2021 via Zoom Empowering Others with  Delegation
05/31/2021 NA No Roundtable in honor of  Memorial Day
05/24/2021 via Zoom Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?
05/17/2021 via Zoom Creating a Vision
05/10/2021 via Zoom The Value of Incorporating Self-Care
05/03/2021 via Zoom Managing Change
04/26/2021 via Zoom What Do You Care About?
Guest Host: Richard Eppel
04/19/2021 via Zoom 30 Second and One Minute Intros
04/12/2021 via Zoom The Power of Vulnerability
04/05/2021 NA No Roundtable – Happy Easter Monday!
03/29/2021 via Zoom Combating Enemies of Learning
Guest Host: Richard Eppel
03/22/2021 via Zoom Identifying Ways We Self-Sabotage
Guest Host: Betsy Pickren
03/15/2021 via Zoom Sleep and Your Career
Guest Host: Steven Huskey, CTC, BCC, CLRC
03/08/2021 via Zoom Building Leadership Muscle In Your Organization
Guest Host: Richard Eppel
03/01/2021 via Zoom Incorporating Fun with Time Management
02/22/2021 via Zoom Honesty, Integrity, Care, and Excellence: Creating Powerful Culture
02/15/2021 NA No Roundtable – Presidents’ Day
02/08/2021 via Zoom Building Trust with Communication
02/01/2021 via Zoom Identifying the Gift in Each Situation
01/25/2021 via Zoom Improving Your Zoom Interviewing Presence
01/18/2021 via Zoom Understanding the Mind/Body Connection and Communication
01/11/2021 via Zoom Positive Intelligence for Interviewing and Networking
01/04/2021 via Zoom The Truth About Multitasking
12/28/2020 NA No Roundtable – Happy New Year!
12/21/2020 via Zoom Intro to the Effects of Stress on the Brain
12/14/2020 via Zoom Exploring the Strong Interest Inventory for Career Transition
12/07/2020 via Zoom Preventing, Identifying, and Recovery from Burnout
11/30/2020 via Zoom Bliss – What is it and how do I find it?
11/23/2020 via Zoom Becoming More Resilient
11/16/2020 via Zoom Energy Patterns and Leadership – An intro to FEBI
11/09/2020 via Zoom Understanding Resilience
11/02/2020 via Zoom Coping: The Impact of Fear and Ways to Minimize
10/26/2020 via Zoom Communication and Trust During Times of Chaos
10/19/2020 via Zoom Making Powerful Requests
10/12/2020 via Zoom Opportunity In a Pandemic Market

Topics subject to change.

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