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Additional Testimonials for Stacey’s Coaching

“Stacey Bevill is a “Rock Star!” When it comes to coaching and helping businesses and individuals develop and communicate their goals and messages, Stacey Bevill is the go-to person. She is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and caring individual with the desire, compassion and ability to help others. Over the past years, Stacey has helped me personally and provided guidance and inspiration to over 25 businesses in the Spartanburg Start:ME entrepreneur program. For Coaching and for Business Improvement I highly recommend Stacey.”

Frank Rudisill, Ph.D., (Retired)
The Johnson College of Business and Economics

Speaker Review

Recently, Stacey Bevill shared her wisdom and deep experience with the Western Carolinas Coaches sub-chapter of ICF Charlotte. What an eye opening session full of powerful insights about the Four Essential Energies that we all can relate to and can share with our coaching clients. Stacey’s program was interactive, and even as a virtual presentation, there was so much richness with action videos demonstrating the 4 energies in real time. Thank you, Stacey for bringing so much amazing new learning to our group and also making it so much fun for all of us!

Roxi Bahar Hewertson, Leader Western Carolina’s Coaches, Asheville, NC
Author of Hire Right, Fire Right: A Leader’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Your Best People and
Lead Like It Matters…Because It Does: Practical Leadership Tools to Inspire and Engage Your People and Create Great Results

Career Transition Client Review

Stacey listened to my unique situation, having a bachelor’s degree, yet choosing motherhood as my first career; her coaching & consulting transitioned me into the professional world.

She heard what my core values were, even when I struggled to prioritize them.

Her joy is contagious!

She helped me eliminate opportunities that were not a good fit & discovered the natural gifting in me. I showed up with confidence because she asked challenging questions. Stacey coached to clarify my personal objectives & encouraged me with realistic examples.

Stacey & her collaborators provided me with resources & preparation to confidently network, apply & interview.
I now have a career that is fulfilling & rewarding. This experience opened up a world of possibilities beyond my imagination. This was by far the best investment in myself I could’ve ever made.

*One year later…Once again, I have to reach out & thank you. I had my annual review & got a raise. Things are going really well for me. What a difference a year can make.

Laura G.

Enneagram Assessment and Debrief

I recently worked with Stacey Bevill at Golden Career Strategies to take the Enneagram assessment. My debriefing with her was super helpful. Stacey helped me make sense of my results and understand how to use them in my work and in my daily life.

Melissa Walker, Ph.D.

Reviews from HeartMath Workshop

The HeartMath training provided much needed and desired tools for our staff that can be used while working and in their personal lives. Stacey was personable and connected with us on a level that made us comfortable to ask questions and engage. The research data provided an extra layer of validation for those who are more scientifically inclined. I went home and used what I learned at home with my toddler. I am grateful for the gift of HeartMath.  – India

I just wanted to thank you for the HeartMath training opportunity for our shop staff. It was so amazing for us and it was so timely. This is something we can use throughout our work day and personal lives. The employees that went really enjoyed it and all commented how much they loved the opportunity to be there.

– Katie

Review from a professional coach (ICF PCC) that received mentor coaching from Stacey

How would you describe Stacey’s mentoring style? What are Stacey’s strengths as a mentor? Light, authentic, soulful, insightful, passionate

What did Stacey do which worked particularly well for you? Her listening skills and the focus on my “being” first before “doing.”

What new learning/perspectives/reminders did Stacey’s mentoring give you? To stay connected with myself to be able to connect with the client further

How did you or your coaching practice change as a result of mentoring with Stacey? Just having a conversation with Stacey brings you to a higher level of listening and presence. Her passion and energy are contagious. I am calmer and more focused in my coaching practice. Thank you, Stacey.

FEBI Assessment and Coaching Curriculum Development Team


Your work with our Curriculum Development Team here at NCI has been remarkable. Your assessment and coaching are truly valuable and sustainable.

We consider your ability to present true principles so we can hear and immediately act on them as your gift. We are fortunate that you have found a business through which you can express this gift and strengthen others with it.

Our weekly meetings and day-to-day conversations are now filled with an awareness of each other’s energy patterns and how to apply them to our work and relationships.

We see where to strengthen and compensate for each other in complete respect, rather than wonder where the heck we’re coming from.

Our new knowledge has also provided a great source for humor and team building.  Our load has been lightened by it and we’re more united and stronger than ever.”

Thank you.

Rob Falke (passed)
NCI President

FEBI Assessment, Coaching and Guidance

“Stacey has been amazing with her guidance, input and coaching. I had really been struggling with interviews and not getting any offers. The assessment and coaching sessions were instrumental in helping me get my new job. I feel much more prepared as I move into a new industry and will be using what I learned through the FEBI assessment and Mind Mapping / Heart Mapping towards developing more ideas and more possible outcomes to situations and projects. I highly recommend Stacey at Golden Career Strategies.”

CM, Sales and Support Professional

Testimonial for Golden Career Strategies (12-Week Coaching Package)

First and foremost, just meeting Ms. Stacey Bevill on Day 1 was awesome. We immediately bonded and began mapping out a plan to assist me in life and in finding my new career. During the 12 weeks of coaching, I learned so much about myself and who I really was; it was simply incredible. The following were some of my key takeaways.

Working with Stacey was immensely helpful at a time when I felt lost. Most people would think a person with my background and my experience would have everything mapped out, but I needed help. Meeting with Stacy and just finding out things about myself, even at this stage in my career, I know my worth much better now. She helped me regain my confidence after not knowing which path I wanted to take now. I am more coherent and energetic, more ready for whatever’s going to come at me than I was before our coaching sessions.

• Strong Interest Inventory – This assessment helped me identify job and volunteer opportunities that I am best suited for.
• HeartMath Training
o Building Resilience – Not letting situations take away my energy, learning what drains and what renews me.
o Coherence – Simply staying coherent using HeartMath
o Inner-Ease Technique helped me immediately with my mental & emotional energy
• The FEBI assessment was awesome. It made me see where I focus most of my energy. Because I am now aware of my energy, I am able to shift to a different energy pattern when needed. For instance, I typically use Driver or Organizer, and can now access Collaborator energy easier.
• Enneagram assessment is an outstanding assessment. It helped me see more in-depth about my personality.
• HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) assessment was very interesting as well. I was surprised at my results and how spot-on they were. This assessment enabled me to be more aware of possible triggers so that I can maintain my resilience.

I’ve been to other professionals to discuss life issues and felt like I was a fly on the wall. With Stacey, there was 100% focus and 100% listening to everything I had to say. There was complete mutual respect and focus from both of us.

Terry A
Retired Veteran and Community Volunteer/Advocate

Career and Life Coaching

“A friend of my family’s reached out to us during a difficult time in my life and suggested I talk with Stacey. I had never met with a life coach before, nor was it something I had ever thought I would need. However, sometimes “life happens” like it did for me, and I needed some extra support in how to move forward after grief. Stacey took such great care by listening to me and offering great insights and ways to move ahead – tools I still use to this day. She also helped me to identify a new career path which had been a much better fit for me. I recommend Stacey to anyone going through a hard season – she is an incredible coach and an even better friend!”

Anna N, MBA

Coaching and Assessments for Military Career Transition

“First, I want to say thank you for your time, patience, and commitment to helping me on my journey.

The time spent together has been tremendously helpful for me and I feel as though it has helped me grow in a personal way which should also reflect on my professional life… I will continue to practice my breathing techniques as I navigate the future issues I face as I start my new career.

Again, thank you so much for your time. I am certain that your coaching will continue to help others as much as it has helped me.”

All the best,

Coaching and MBTI Testimonial

“I highly recommend Stacey Bevill of Golden Career Strategies. She had me take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator both Step 1 and Step 2. The report provided was very in-depth and comprehensive. She explained it very well and was willing to answer any questions I had about it.

The results gave me insight into myself and how I view and interact with people and the world around me. It also gave me insight and suggestions on ways to interact with people who have different ways of viewing and interacting with the world.

I have found what I learned from my Myers Briggs results to be very useful in my job search.

I strongly recommend Stacey Bevill and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator that she administers.”


Coaching and Strong Interest Inventory Testimonial

“I love personal development and self awareness and Stacey’s coaching is great for both. Her experience, wisdom, and patience are great assets for anyone trying to clarify their goals or find direction in their career and life.”

DC, Business Owner

Coaching and HeartMath Training Testimonial

“Stacey is a fantastic coach who really customizes the sessions based on the client. I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten out of only four sessions. I feel more centered and am excited about continuing to practice the techniques. HeartMath has been a wonderful addition to my life. Working with Stacey has been a joy!”

JH, Student

The Golden Course Testimonial

“I recently took the Golden Career Strategies course to guide me towards a new career. I was reluctant to take the entire course but looking back, I see that I learned something new from each coach. The assessments and detailed homework assignments highlighted my strengths and values which truly built my confidence. Stacey always provided support and encouragement to me with a smile, and Gene helped update my resume to one that makes me feel proud. After a few short months, I’m happy to report that Networking (which I was also reluctant to do) worked for me! I am now working in a career field that has always interested me and it utilizes my strengths and skills.”


Strong Interest Inventory Testimonial

“After college, I focused on a work path that was not as rewarding as I hoped it would be. The Strong Interest Inventory provided me with an analysis and explanation of the career opportunities best suited for me. With the Strong Interest Inventory, I learned what is most likely to appeal to me and what I derive meaning from in a workplace environment. Rather than pigeonholing me into a select path, it provided alternatives, options, and directions that I can take to achieve the fulfillment in life we all so desperately crave. It provided certainty to some thoughts I had had in the back of my mind and granted me the courage to give credence to those ideas and the willpower to explore them. As I move forward, the Strong Interest Inventory provides a roadmap for my journey through many avenues and ideas.”

Phoenix, AZ

Stacey’s coaching opened our eyes to the ways we work together and how to improve them.

“Our Curriculum Development Team recently worked with Stacey on the Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) assessment. We took the assessment individually to see where we ranked as individuals and as a group.

With Stacey’s guidance, we saw how we can continue to work in our strength areas and build up our weaker areas when needed. What an eye-opener! There were a lot of dots that Stacey connected for us to help us better understand our team’s efficient areas. We also saw the connections in weaker areas and now have a game plan to improve these areas.

This is the second training I’ve had with Stacey. She builds on principles of truth and makes them easy to apply without being judgmental. Once again, Stacey hit a home run.”

David Richardson
Curriculum Developer / Trainer
National Comfort Institute, Inc.

FEBI Assessment Peer Review


As I reflect on the FEBI and our debrief discussion I am left with the idea of wisdom acceleration.   FEBI can guide someone, or a team to reflect on their communication style and what they are ‘saying’ non-verbally.  To take the time to self-reflect and to be open to the resulting wisdom often comes with age and experience. The FEBI presents it now, providing a path to desired individual and team results.

Too often leadership teams believe that an underperforming team is due to the team members. I would suggest that leadership and intra-team communication is the underlying cause.  The FEBI,  when embraced, can build true and lasting ways of communicating that quickly eclipse other forced and artificial methods espoused elsewhere.  I’m impressed.”

Senior Consultant and Coach

Stacey’s coaching changed my life!

“I recently worked with Stacey in the intensive six-week Positive Intelligence program. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results in such a short time frame and continued strengthening. My goal was to develop better relationships, but I feel I’ve gained far more with her guidance.

Stacey’s support and questions helped me identify areas of my life that I was unintentionally sabotaging. With her help, I created a plan to deal with my “Judge” and “Saboteurs” who frequently hijacked my life without me even being aware of them. Once these traits had a name, I became more aware of them and how to work towards handling them.

I’m so grateful that I made the choice to work with Stacey. She’s been a blessing to me.”

David Richardson

The Negotiation Strategies provided by Golden Career Strategies played a vital role in facilitating my recent transition into a diverse leadership role within a new company in my industry.

Our negotiation strategy sessions were extremely beneficial in regards to my recent job offer, as the final outcome was excellent and an absolute success!  Your coaching benefited me in so many ways, as I was able to successfully manage and accomplish the following important negotiation strategies with my job offer:

  • Preparation for the premature salary discussions (how to properly avoid these discussions prior to obtaining a written formal offer)
  • Acknowledgement and Evaluation of Initial Offer (including request for a detailed offer summary in writing)
  • Assessment and Understanding of the specific Benefit Plan details in the Offer, including the Bonus Plan Structure and 401(k) plan
  • Handling of Offer Consideration Change Requests (including scheduling the appropriate time and environment setting for the meeting discussion)
  • Obtaining Final Negotiated Offer in Writing (including a copy of sample employment contract)
  • Preparation for the Resignation Process

One of the most important lessons I learned in our strategy sessions was in regards to the proper balancing act between understanding and focusing on my top priorities while also being flexible and reasonable in other areas. Your insight, feedback and coaching regarding the above major negotiation strategies were incremental towards receiving a final offer that included important benefit enhancements.

Thank you again for providing direction, keeping me focused and imparting thoughtful insight during the entire process.  Your coaching helped me achieve the ultimate win/win scenario, as I found the right leadership role within an outstanding company and obtained the best possible offer terms given my market worth.  Golden Career Strategies provided the necessary coaching and tools that were the catalyst for my successful career transition.

H. S.Watkins

  • The gratitude I have for the experience of working with Golden Career Strategies cannot be adequately expressed. The skill sets presented as part of the GCS curriculum are right on target.   The expertise I gained by working with their corporate consultants on such topics as interview skills, resume building, and personal sales technique were indispensable.
  • The willingness of the GCS team to share their experience, whether as part of the curriculum or anecdotally in conversation are invaluable to those looking to improve their professional skills.
  • I found every member of the GCS family to be warm, inclusive, focused and completely giving of their time and expertise.  Myles, Ann, Pam, Jim, Rich and the entire GCS family care about you and your family.  They want you to succeed professionally and personally.  Myles and Ann truly want you to become an integral part of the Greenville community.
  • I counted myself experienced in networking; one who realized the power in building relationships.  By progressing through the GCS program I realized a refined ability to manage and perform networking.  After transitioning out of a highly charged, visible executive position the GCS experience allowed me to regain and exceed my level of self-confidence.  For this alone, I cannot thank the GCS family enough.


The economy has certainly taken its toll on major corporations.  I worked for Corporate America for over 27 years and for the first time in my career my job was eliminated and I found myself among the growing population of unemployed.  My prior employer provided outplacement services through a well-known international outplacement firm.  Disappointedly, this turned out to be a virtual facility based in NJ that offered a one-hour phone call each week!

Even though my husband and I have only lived in the Upstate for a few years, we call it “home”.  Thus, with little deliberation, we decided to do what was necessary to stay here and find employment at home.  Through casual networking I heard about Myles Golden, a.k.a. “The Man with the Golden Connections”!  Shortly after meeting with Myles, I signed up as a client.  The services provided by Golden Career Strategies were far superior in content and quality in comparison to their international competition.  From the soul-searching profile development and skills and leadership assessments to the resume development and video tapping of a mock interview… all elements far surpassed traditional outplacement services.  BUT…  by far, the greatest advantage to working with Golden Career Strategies for anyone wanting to stay in the Upstate are the local connections.  Myles, Ann, Pam and the rest of the team are consistently spotted out and about, around town, practicing what they preach, NETWORKING!  If I recall correctly, close to 90% of all jobs are found through networking.  What a powerful tool.

Surprisingly, yet fortunately, I found myself moving in a completely different direction.  The profile development helped me determined what type of employment was most desirable and the assessments rated me extremely high in the enterprising/entrepreneurial area.  Thus, with Myles’ direction, he introduced me to the world of franchise opportunities.  My initial response to franchises: “No Thanks!  I don’t have a million dollars and can’t see me managing a fast food restaurant!”  With further research and networking, I found the perfect partnership with a professional services firm specializing in Leadership Development.  I am now the proud owner of my own small business entering my “Second Career”.  And once again, I will gain the benefits from powerful networking learned from Myles.  I simply don’t believe that the outcome would have been the same if it wasn’t for Myles and his Golden Career Strategies’ team.  Words just can’t properly describe the admiration and appreciation I have for this amazing group of individuals!  Thank you!


Golden Career Strategies Provides Path Back to The Upstate

My wife and I lived in the Tampa Bay area for about a year before pursuing a move back to the Greenville area.  Like many couples, moving was dependent on me landing a new job.  We knew it would be a challenge conducting the job search 500 miles away.  After several months applying for jobs online (and typically getting no response), I was referred to Myles and Ann at Golden Career Strategies through a friend at our former church.  Signing up for the young professional transition program was a big commitment financially for us at the time, but I was confident Myles and his colleagues would help expedite the transition back to Greenville and, in the long run, be a wise investment.

Admittedly, I wanted to get through the first several modules on career assessments, resume building, and interview skills as fast as possible.  I thought I had all that down and wanted to get to the job search part.  However, I quickly realized I needed a lot of help.  It took a couple of months to work through the modules and at the end, I felt confident Myles and his team had equipped me to be the most prepared and confident candidate I possibly could be.

The job search phase of the program was a great experience.  Myles and I would typically have a Skype session each week to discuss progress and opportunities.  Each session I would come away with a networking plan for the upcoming week and would be very thankful to have such a well-connected businessman in Greenville standing in my corner.  Sure enough, I landed a job this past March (3 months after finishing the program) and was again thankful to have Myles’ council during the negotiation process.  So far the job is going well and seems to be a great fit with my career goals and personal principles.

Overall, the career transition program at Golden Career Strategies was a wonderful experience and an invaluable tool in moving back to The Upstate.  Thanks Myles, Ann, and Rich!


After graduating from college in May 2009 I realized the job hunting process was going to be much more complicated than I had ever imagined.  I attempted to find a job on my own in the field I was passionate about but quickly realized I needed the expertise of someone who had gone through the process before.

Myles and his team taught me the building blocks of job seeking – everything from writing a captivating cover letter to perfecting my resume to interview skills that would put me at the top of the pack.  He and his team constantly went out of their way to help me integrate myself into the job world.

Networking was also greatly stressed and until Myles course, I had no clue how powerful it could really be.  It is quite amazing how many people reached out to help me or took time out of their day to meet with me.  Not only did I gain knowledge and skills for finding my first job but I am also now prepared for the many job transitions I might experience in the future.  Golden Career Strategies taught me how to utilize all the resources I have to find that dream job I had always wanted and in the end finally found.


Thank you for all of your support and counsel over the past two months.  As you know, I have officially accepted a new opportunity with Belk Department Stores.

As you know, all adversity in the long run makes you stronger.  I feel that not only have I found a new job, but I have found a much greater awareness on how I should be prioritizing my time and life.  Life is about getting involved with one another and helping one another.  You may call that networking….I call it living!!

Thank you for all you have done for me and I will stay in touch as I move forward into this exciting new opportunity.  Best wishes and God bless.


Changing Careers …

I was directed to Myles by someone who knew I was considering a career change.  Although I was a little hesitant to commit upfront, it was the right move.  After 15 years in the work force, I was transitioning out of a very specialized industry and concerned about finding a new line of work that I would be happy with.

Part one of Myles’ program is an introspective self analysis to help individuals identify what profession they’d actually enjoy rather than blindly responding to want ads because you think the job sounds interesting.  Funny thing; I couldn’t have disagreed more with the results when they came back.  Myles chuckled at my reaction and told me to investigate the possibilities anyway.  I spent several months doing due diligence and discovered that the recommendations were right on.  I’m so glad I put my faith into the program.

He knew all the area players in my new chosen industry and put me in touch with each of them.  After several round of interviews, I made my decision and now there’s no looking back.  Thanks Myles for running such a thorough program!


“The money spent was small considering the potential salary and peace of mind you get through an orderly, deliberate, methodical process in planning, collaborating, deciding, and assessing potential fields and positions…I highly recommend it.  Myles really gets you linked”.



Thank you for assisting me the past 7-8 months.  Your program was just what I needed to bolster my resume, interview, networking, and the myriad of other considerations while hunting/fishing for a job.

I will miss the roundtables, and Ann, but may, if permitted, attend once in a while to stay in the loop.  One of the Air Force members of the commerce club told me about a reduced-price ($85 initiation) membership, so I’ll probably be joining soon.

My new position is not what I was looking for, but turns out to be exactly what I wanted.  I always envisioned myself playing a part in a huge enterprise — a small fish in a big pond, but here, I’m a big fish in a small pond that’s growing…and the employer/owner matches my values in very many ways.  This is especially interesting because it allows me to participate in many more facets of business management that would have probably not been possible in a large company.

The current economy/recession/deflation/unemployment/slump or whatever this is gives me and the company a bit of breathing room to pause, reset, and set new directions for the future, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.

Myles, hope I’ll become your poster boy for wild success in the upstate!  I’ll continue to enjoy a bit of networking and see you around.   I’m here if you need anything, including some fine steel parts!

Thanks, Friend.


I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to find a job.  I know it took a while in the beginning, but once I had the time to devote to networking, it was just unbelievable how quickly things progressed.  It only took two months!

I’m very happy that I was introduced to Mr. Crowe in the first Roundtable meeting, which goes to show you that you never know which event you go to that will be the one you make contact.

It’s just amazing how much better I enjoy being here than where I was before.  The people could not be any more friendly or helpful. I have my own office (yes…an office), and, best of all, it’s only 10 miles from home.  I really think that I’m going to enjoy working here and can already see how positive the future looks.

Please feel free to use me as an example for any current and future clients you have.  Thank you again for this wonderful and exciting opportunity.


Just wanted to update you on how things are going.  I am really enjoying working at my law firm.  My boss is super nice and has a great sense of humor, plus, I think there is a real opportunity for me to earn a significant income in the next few years

I want you to know that although I did not engage in all parts of your program, I still received great support and value from you.  Just talking to someone who understood the mental aspect of what job searchers go through helps the person think they’re not crazy.  Jim and the interviewing process helped me immensely.  I highly recommend that each of your new people put forth the time and the effort to seriously prepare for the mock interview and have it taped.  I watched the tape several times through my interviewing process and it gave me an approach, strategy, and confidence to go into those interviews as a competent professional with a great deal to offer rather than someone simply begging for a job.


I first learned of Golden Career Strategies career transition services from a former Fiberweb employee. He recommended GCS because “they do outplacement differently.” Subsequently, we sent several other employees as our restructuring initiatives progressed. In each case our associates reported positive results. When our company decided to close two manufacturing facilities, impacting approximately 70 associates, I saw no need to “reinvent the wheel.”  We are very pleased with their service and especially the individualized, customized and localized characteristics of their program.


The assistance I received from Myles and the folks he’s associated with were instrumental in helping me find a more rewarding position.

I had little experience crafting a resume or interviewing, as I had not had the opportunity to do so in my prior position.

Not only did I end up with a resume that received numerous inquiries (my prior one received none), but when I spoke with the people making the inquiries, I was ready to respond properly to their questions.

Because I practiced interviewing – something people don’t often do – I was well equipped when the time came to sit down face to face with the people who were interested in me.  Taking the time to prepare gave me an edge over others, and helped me land the position I wanted.

I would highly recommend Myles’ services – the support I received from the time I walked in the door, when getting ready for a new position, searching and finding the position, landing it, and afterwards, was top notch.


My move to Greenville underscores the challenges of any dual career household. When my husband was recruited by an Upstate Law firm to head up one of their practice areas, we jumped at the chance to move back to my native South Carolina. Unfortunately, the move from Virginia forced me to leave behind a challenging position as Vice President of Marketing for General Electric’s $3 billion insurance business. I assumed that with my credentials I would not have a problem landing a comparable position in Greenville. I was wrong.

Greenville is a very welcoming community. Once you get in the door, business leaders are incredibly supportive. However, more than any city I have lived, networking is critical if you want to land a high level position.  I contacted Myles because I heard from business leaders that he was one of the most incredibly networked individuals in Greenville. This is true.

After talking with veterans of Myles’ program, I opted to enroll in his Executive Career Transition Program. Since the job market is so different in Greenville, I determined that I needed to be more open-minded in evaluating career alternatives. So I took advantage of the comprehensive array of services including career/skill assessments, resume critiquing/writing; interviewing skills and business development planning. Before entering the program, I considered myself better prepared than most to launch a job search. After the personalized attention from Myles’ team, I was better prepared than ever to tackle this challenging job market.

The skills I learned in Myles’ program are ones that I use every day in my new position.   Plus, the relationship I have with Myles is so strong, I consider him a friend and my life-long career coach.

Thanks Myles, Anne, Jim, Phil and Lewis!


Conducting an executive job search from out of state….

“My wife and I decided to move to Greenville and I spent six months conducting a job search from California. I met with numerous executive recruiters in the upstate area and spent a considerable amount of time on the Internet and contacting several companies.”

“Ironically, I was referred to Myles Golden & Golden Career Strategies during an interview. While I had considered finding a career transition coach, I found the larger, national firms to be too broad and metro market focused. Greenville is a unique market and I needed a strong, extremely networked team of people to represent me while I completed my employment in California. I found that team at Golden Career Strategies. Myles and his team of business development professionals, business psychologists, resume and interviewing specialists did an outstanding job of aligning my interests, business skills and professional goals into a focused career plan.”

“The GCS team helped me identify an entrepreneurial career path that I am passionate about and introduced me to the leading professionals in the area to help me get started. If you are conducting an out of state job search, stop wasting time and contact Myles and his team.”


“When I first entered Myles´ program, I was confused as to the direction my career should take. I was one of Delta´s youngest pilots and had been furloughed for about eight months and was turning into a couch potato when I went to a brainstorming session with Myles.”

“Myles really helped me jumpstart my career search by giving it structure. When you are out of work, you often find it difficult to break free from the depression caused by the involuntary job loss. He provided specific steps and gave me a fresh perspective that allowed me to regain my focus and obtain a good job offer in commercial real estate/development within five weeks of our first meeting.”


“Dear parents of job seeking students,

As we all know, “it’s a jungle out there” for mature, experienced adults seeking employment. If you are anything like me, you want to help your child find a good first job, in order to avoid getting chewed up out in that jungle. I wanted my daughter to experience the process of preparing herself for employment, without going down blind alleys this first time. And I believed she would learn how to handle herself in the business world if she could just have assistance accessing it!

I was so fortunate to have met Myles Golden in the course of my own job duties, and naturally I thought of him when our daughter was nearing college graduation. HisCareerStart™ program is very thorough: methodically assessing the candidate’s interests and strengths, assisting him/her in preparing a resume which reflects both experience and potential, and arranging meetings with professionals and business leaders to acclimate him/her to the world of work.

A Golden Career Strategies Career Coach is an extremely valuable asset in the employment seeking process. We have been so very pleased with their work with our daughter, and I do not hesitate to recommend Golden Career Strategies´ services to others. As parents we have invested our hearts, our energies, and our capital in preparing our child for this milestone…I believe CareerStart™ can be the key to getting this final step off to a very good start.”

Parent of CareerStart Client

“Choosing to work with Myles Golden and his incredibly capable team will likely go down as one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in life.”

“As our family returned to the US from an international assignment through my husband’s work,  I was faced with the task of reintegrating into the workforce.  A true work-life balance had become paramount as we had young, preschool children and my previous life as a consultant for a Fortune 500 firm, traveling over 80% of the time, was not an option any more.  I realized it was a tall order to find a job that kept me local and enabled a specific quality of life while still meeting a minimum financial mark and, ideally, stimulating me intellectually.  Myles’ program was the key to doing just that.”

“The two most valuable attributes of the ‘Golden’ method, from my perspective, are the following:

1) Holistic approach

Myles and his team have crafted something truly comprehensive with specific tracks appropriate for wherever you might find yourself within the full span of your career (just out of college to highest level executive).  There is complete “due diligence” to the process, addressing the fundamentals of diagnosing your own personal strengths and interests, analyzing an individual’s own work-life balance parameters, crafting your own personal marketing and messaging (elevator speech, resumes, target companies/jobs etc.), developing a network and negotiating offers.  Throughout it all there is great emphasis placed on positive thinking, building confidence in your capabilities and unique talents while, at the same time, supporting others going through similar transitions.

2) Network-driven

I’ve become convinced that there are very few people that Myles does not know.  He is simply a master networker.  Anyone who participates in his program is a direct beneficiary of this.  Statistically most jobs are found through personal connections.  To have such a gifted networker as an advisor through your career transition and who has built the principles of networking so integrally into the program, is a significant advantage for anyone trying to navigate the murky waters between jobs or careers.”

“I am happily settled into a meaningful, stimulating job that met my work-life balance and financial goals.  My “happy ending” is a direct result of meeting one of my, now, current colleagues at Myles’ Monday morning networking roundtable.  The connections that I made through the program don’t end there either.  Many of my networking experiences while job hunting have become longer term business connections that continue to benefit me and my new company to this day.”

“Thank you Myles and team!”