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Many of the most successful business leaders in America embrace the idea of working with an executive coach.  Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc. (formerly Google) said the best advice he ever got was “to get a coach.”  Bill Gates opened a Ted Talk in 2013 by saying, “everyone needs a coach.”

What do individuals and organizations gain from working with a credentialed coach?  Some of the gains that have been sighted in studies are:

  • Developing high-potential individuals
  • Improving the odds that newly promoted managers will be successful
  • Enhancing management and leadership skills
  • Helping resolve interpersonal conflicts among employees and/or co-workers
  • Performance improvement

Coaching is a targeted, customized method for leadership development. Frequently, it is a collaborative partnership among an upper-level executive, his/her organization, and the credentialed coach. This approach implies that the coaching takes place within the context and on behalf of the organizational strategy, objectives, and mandates.

Coaching provides many benefits:

  • You will have a sounding board with mutual trust and respect. There is no judgment and an acknowledgment that you have the wisdom you need. Coaching provides the space to tap into that wisdom.
  • An opportunity for curiosity. Deep and focused listening from a coach leads to seeing your beliefs from a new perspective. When there is no judgment, the opportunity arises to evaluate your thinking/story. “Aha!” moments occur, and new actions for your desired results come to your awareness.
  • Life includes many challenges. Working with a coach helps you safely move out of your comfort zone to discover, create and implement your vision.
  • A coach provides accountability to help you stay focused on your goals in achievable increments increasing your likelihood of success. Coaching provides support, motivation, inspiration, and tools for building resiliency.
  • Our coaching includes complimentary email replies and brief phone/Zoom calls between appointments.

Are you ready for coaching? Try our Coachability Index.


For Individuals:
Congratulations! You have just secured your new position. We can help you prepare for success as you integrate into your new role. Reduce your risk of failure and improve your likelihood for success by working with Golden Career Strategies.

For Organizations:
We want our new leaders to ‘hit the ground running’ yet on day one we may not be able to locate the ground they are standing on, how do they engage the employees, the business, the history and manage to the future?  Golden Career Strategies will engage your organization and coach the new leader through the intricate web of big pictures, details, and history to help them join the flow of the business while helping to set the new course.

Successful onboarding is fundamental to the success of the new employee and your organization.  A new leader that is not properly supported in entering the organization is bound to fail, over 50% fail in the first 18 months, can you afford that.

Call GCS for an in-depth complimentary review of your next new hire plan; let us help you to manage to success.


Assessments are an important part of the selection process, for the employer and the prospective employee.  Assessments are not a decision tool, but rather insight to apply during the interview process and explore the potential match of an applicant for the position.  GCS utilizes many assessments to support the selection, onboarding, training and planning for your team.  We are happy to demonstrate how these tools are an investment in long term success.