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Golden Career Strategies is proud to offer many valuable assessments. In addition to custom designing assessment options for clients, we collaborate with an array of assessment partners to enhance the results of individuals, teams, and organizational projects to ensure you have the solution that is right for you or your organization. Our coaches and consultants are highly trained and credentialed to help our clients make the most of each assessment.

A partial list of assessments offered: FEBI | Strong Interest Inventory | HBDI | Genos International | MRG | Essi Systems | Harrison Assessments | Team Coaching International | CPI 260 | Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

For questions or to learn about other assessments not listed here (including DiSC, MBTI, Hogan, and others) – please contact us.

The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment
helps individuals identify their work personality by exploring their interests in six broad areas: realistic, artistic, investigative, social, enterprising, and conventional (often referred to using the acronym RIASEC). ). It then breaks the RIASEC areas into 30 specific areas of interest that can be directly related to fields of study, careers, and leisure activities. In addition, it describes an individual’s personal style preferences in five areas: work style, learning environment, team orientation, leadership style, and risk-taking. Learn more

Flow Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI®) – For Leaders, Teams, and Individuals

The Flow Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) assessment is a validated psychometric instrument that measures four energy patterns in the nervous system that map to four personality factors, four ways of moving, and four essential modes of leadership. As a FEBI Certified Coach, Bevill works with leaders and teams to shift from unproductive coping habits and behaviors to sustainable improvements. A simple online assessment followed by coaching enables leaders to understand the patterns they typically use, how to access each of the four leadership patterns at any moment, and target its use at the right time. Rather than merely identifying habitual behaviors, the coaching and workshops introduce simple and sustainable practices that enable participants to access all four patterns. FEBI training is essential for meeting goals, effective communication, mutual respect and understanding, motivation, and engagement.

“What I love about FEBI is that there is no labeling,” said Bevill. “Unlike many assessments that confine by defining a personality or behavior type, FEBI includes learning simple, sustainable ways to develop each of the four leadership patterns so you can access your strengths and use the best pattern in any situation. I am passionate about offering sustainable solutions.”

In addition to the online assessment and coaching, Golden Career Strategies offers two half-day workshops to enhance the learning experience. The first workshop, Targeting Your Leadership Energy, builds leadership agility and emotional intelligence. This session helps leaders work with their own nervous systems, learning which leadership patterns they favor and how to shift into any pattern that aligns with needed outcomes. Most leaders have heard repeatedly of an area where they could be more effective but find it hard to change. This workshop provides physical ways to expand capability, build empathy, and embody change.

The second workshop, Harnessing Your Team’s Energy, brings teams together to understand how the patterns show up in team members, team dynamics, and the team overall. This session also explores how the patterns connect to the team’s purpose and context, including leveraging and developing the team’s leadership patterns for maximum effectiveness and sustainable results. Printable workshop information.

FEBI Assessment Peer Review


As I reflect on the FEBI and our debrief discussion I am left with the idea of wisdom acceleration.   FEBI can guide someone, or a team to reflect on their communication style and what they are ‘saying’ non-verbally.  To take the time to self-reflect and to be open to the resulting wisdom often comes with age and experience. The FEBI presents it now, providing a path to desired individual and team results.

Too often leadership teams believe that an underperforming team is due to the team members. I would suggest that leadership and intra-team communication is the underlying cause.  The FEBI,  when embraced, can build true and lasting ways of communicating that quickly eclipse other forced and artificial methods espoused elsewhere.  I’m impressed.

Senior Consultant and Coach

Essi Systems – Resiliency Map, EQ Map and StressMap

Essi Resiliency Map and EQ Map are self-assessment approaches that pinpoint strengths and vulnerabilities in our ability to manage stress and use our emotions in ways that facilitate positive results, enhance personal health, and can be easily used to document improvement over time. Supported by 21-day action plans, a comprehensive user guide, and coaching and the Essi Systems approach focuses on measurable improvement in the areas of stress management and emotional literacy.  Learn more.

Harrison Assessments – Selection, Development, and Career Assessment

Harrison Assessments measures 156 traits of human behavior. Using “smart questionnaire technology”, HA measures the equivalent of a full day of testing and is validated for selection of new employees (at all levels) and both the individual and the team development of your current workforce. I work with companies to deploy this assessment to support coaching and team development initiatives. I also work with companies interested in using the Harrison for job selection by providing expert feedback on assessment results and training for your personnel so that you can administer the Harrison Assessment internally if you prefer. Learn more.

Herrmann International – Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)
The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) is a self-report assessment that measures and describes personal thinking preferences as representative of four distinct styles. Developed by William “Ned” Herrmann, the HBDI is based on well-documented theories regarding specializations in the brain’s cerebral cortex and limbic systems, and the research into left-right brain lateralization by Roger Wolcott Sperry. I utilize the HBDI in personal coaching and team building to foster awareness of cognitive style and support choices for individuals and teams to think and react in more “whole brained” ways. Learn more.

Genos International – Emotional Intelligence Profile and 360 instruments
The new Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leader Profile report is the only behavior-based EI multi-rater report specifically designed for use in leadership development. The Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory can serve as both a self-report or 360-degree measure of emotionally intelligent workplace behavior. It measures how often individuals display emotionally intelligent workplace behavior according to a seven-factor model of emotional intelligence identified by Dr. Benjamin Palmer and Professor Con Stough from Swinburne University. The Genos Emotional Intelligence Inventory supports coaching in the areas of Emotional self-awareness, emotional expression, emotional awareness of others, emotional reasoning, emotional self-management, managing the emotions of others, and emotional self-control. Learn more.

Management Research Group – Culture, Strategic and Leadership Effectiveness Profiles

While other assessment tools are quick to define “the right way to lead” MRG’s philosophy is firmly grounded in the research-based knowledge that true leaders take many forms and draw on combinations of assets and strengths demonstrating that there is no single “right” way to lead. The focus instead, is upon the right way to lead in your team or organization. Measuring 22 leadership behaviors, the Leadership Effectiveness model supports a dialogue regarding effective behaviors in leadership from personal, strategic, and organizational perspectives support your culture. I utilize the LEA in the personal and team context to provide individuals with specific feedback and to align team and organizational behavior. Learn more.

Team Coaching International – The Leader View,  and Team Diagnostic

Assessment applications from Team Coaching International support team and group coaching engagements. By choosing from a suite of four products (Team Diagnostic™, Team 360 View™, Organization View™, and Team Leader View™) we can select the best way to approach effective group performance in your organization. This research-based approach focuses on 14 measures of team competency. In order to know where to invest valuable time and money in team performance, it makes sense to start with a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not. The suite of products we bring to you reveals this clearly and concisely to promote improved results, accelerate change, create an effective and responsive team culture, control costs, and improve work collaboration.
Learn more.

The Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorThis assessment helps support your personal well-being and professional performance goals by providing you with a deeper understanding of what makes you you. With these insights, you can make more informed decisions, better communicate with others, and build stronger relationships, all based on the science of your personality. Learn more.

The CPI 260  – This assessment offers practical, down-to-earth insights for organizational development, coaching, and HR applications in a business or organizational context. CPI is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance leadership competencies, increase executive motivation, performance improvement, success planning, selection and retention, and executive coaching. Learn more.

For questions or to learn about other assessments not listed here (including DiSC, MBTI, Hogan, and others) – please contact us.