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  • Imagine a hiring process where you can pinpoint top-tier candidates before even glancing at their resumes, cutting down the hiring time by an impressive 70%.
  • Visualize knowing your candidates’ job performance, engagement levels, and longevity even before they join your team.
  • Picture being aware of your candidates’ developmental needs and steps to expedite their onboarding process.
  • What if your recruitment process provided such an engaging experience that top talent is naturally drawn to your company?

Harrison Assessments, cutting-edge Talent Acquisition solution, powered by predictive analytics and customizable job-specific algorithms, streamlines the hiring process, saving you precious time and resources.

This award-winning technology allows you to pre-filter candidates based on qualifications and job-specific behaviors. This not only improves the quality of your hires but also reduces costs associated with hiring missteps

Harrison Assessments has a proprietary, industry-leading SmartQuestionnaire™ that measures exact personality traits and provides personal analysis reports based on 175 modern-day workplace themes, enabling the most effective measurement of your leadership paradoxes, emotional intelligence level, personality traits, motivations, attitudes, passion for specific career paths, engagement, remote work and more—all from one 20-minute questionnaire. This assessment predicts performance and enjoyment. Contact Stacey if you have additional questions.

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