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Printable PDF for our career transition services.

Executives in TransitionAre you looking to change careers or continue a career that has been interrupted? We find ourselves in a time of greater demand for organizational performance.  At the same time finding the career you desire often requires “one more thing to ensure success.”  Working with our consultants and credentialed coaches along with using the best tools will position you for success. The Golden Course for Career Transition℠ can help you win with its two powerful components:

The Golden Course modules are written specifically for those in transition. Golden Career Strategies has cut through the mountain of information available related to job searches via books, the Web, and other sources to bring you the material most relevant to your situation. It captures the best, most current information available for those in transition.

Each step of your search is supported by individual coaching from experienced professional coaches who specialize in specific aspects of career management. GCS career coaches and consultants will enhance your efforts by providing expert guidance, feedback, accountability, and support for dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of a significant life change.

All course work has been updated as of 2021 and new information has been included. Printable PDF for our career transition services.

The Golden Career Course℠ Modules:

Whether voluntary or involuntary, a career transition often brings feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt, loss of control, anger, and frustration. This module helps clients turn what might be perceived as a negative life event into one that is seen for what it truly is—an opportunity to find a career that is more aligned with personal attributes, interests, values, and passions and will bring greater success and satisfaction.
The primary objective of GCS is to assist clients in finding rewarding careers, rather than their next jobs. Our battery of assessments and evaluations are confidential tools designed for you to better know yourself, your greatest strengths, and the occupations to which you are best suited. *Assessments vary by program
The most compelling resume is one that is well constructed and placed in the hands of the decision-makers. GCS assists you in developing a resume that best summarizes your qualifications, skills, and career objectives.
Research shows that 80% of jobs are not advertised. Strategic alliances and networking are key to finding your next career opportunity. This module prepares you to become an effective networker and netweaver. A proper approach to the hidden job market is critical if you are to find your best career options. GCS has an excellent reputation for providing clients with innovative marketing plans which can include business cards with QR codes that link to your online (and printable resume).
Nowhere is having a marketing mentality more important than throughout the interview process. Your knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes, personality, and appearance make a very unique “product” that the company needs to “buy.” You will develop the techniques to help you present yourself most effectively. Mock interviews and videotaping are offered in this module.
Your GCS Career Professional will help you evaluate offers and resolve differences between what you expect and what is offered. You will learn to respond to questions and ask the right questions to help you negotiate your best overall package. Many find that they recover the cost of The Golden Course just from this module alone not to mention the ROI that comes with finding your next job sooner than you would have on your own.
Increase your chances for success in your new role with onboarding. Most companies believe they are good at helping new employees settle into their new roles, but many do not go further than basic orientation. This module will assist you in creating your personal plan for success.
Senior executives often face unique challenges in career transitions. This module provides advanced interviewing techniques and strategies for negotiating executive contracts. * Available in select programs

Career Preparation

Each step of your search is supported by professional coaches and consultants who specialize in specific aspects of career management.

Our track record shows that the most critical keys to the effectiveness of a Golden Career Strategies Career Professional are based on the fact that GCS is customized, individualized, and localized, and now global.

GCS services are customized.

  • Programs can be tailored to fit your needs
  • We help you choose the program that is best for you
  • Our programs are designed to add structure and accountability to your campaign through weekly appointments with an experienced professional
  • Career Development Roundtables offered on Monday mornings from 9:00 to 10:00 AM provide powerful discussions for personal and career development and networking contacts in a supportive group setting

GCS services are individualized.

  • You receive one-on-one coaching and consulting geared toward your future goals
  • Sessions are confidential
  • Private office setting
  • Flexible hours to work around your schedule

GCS services are localized (and now global).

  • You have access to “The Golden Network” in the Upstate and beyond
  • You can develop strategic connections through smart networking
  • Services are provided by experienced consultants and credentialed coaches
  • GCS has a worldwide network of coaches and consultants

Golden Career Strategies can help you:

Create a Powerful Network

A GCS professional helps you design an effective networking plan. In a poll conducted by the Society of Human Management (SHRM) and the Wall Street Journal’s executive career site, 95% of both HR professionals and job seekers use personal contacts or networking to find candidates or jobs. Most candidates are not aware of the network they have at their disposal. A GCS career professional can assist you in developing strategic connections through smart networking.

Discover New Ways of Thinking

Our coaches will empower you to think of new ways to transition your skills, interests, and abilities. We can also help you explore a career path you have not considered or perhaps one that will be much more rewarding.

Energize Your Search and Offer Support

A GCS credentialed coach energizes your search campaign by providing personal support. Job searches can be overwhelming and sometimes depressing. Having a good support system will keep you motivated and focused. Finding employment is a full-time job. Falling into a low energy trap can be avoided by working with our certified/credentialed coaches to build your capacity for resilience.

Our coaches and consultants also serve as good sounding boards. If you left your last position due to downsizing, restructuring, or even a bad fit, you can vent your frustrations with your career coach. Carrying around a load of grief, denial, and anger will sabotage your efforts. To avoid “shooting yourself in the foot,” we help you move beyond negative experiences and present a positive attitude. Your GCS professionals can help you shape a positive message and articulate answers to tough questions regarding your last position.

You can share your strengths, weaknesses, and uncertainties about your professional goals. Your coach will help you discover how to maximize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. You can also discuss the pressures you are feeling with your career coach and learn powerful methods to minimize your stress, relieve your anxiety and build resilience.

Hold You Accountable

We help hold you accountable for how you spend your time. Having someone hold you accountable will most likely lead to landing your next position more quickly and efficiently than working independently.

Negotiate Your Best Compensation Package

GCS professional career consultants can help you negotiate your best salary and benefits compensation package. Some positions require an employment agreement with a bonus plan based on preset goals and objectives. Our professionals can offer suggestions and ideas to create a “win-win” situation.

The higher the employment level, the more sophisticated your compensation plan will likely be. Often GCS program costs are offset with consulting for the negotiation phase of your career transition. The program cost can also be offset by securing your new position faster than you would have on your own.

Enhance Your Performance

Our professionals can help with onboarding after you have found your desired position. In addition, many GCS clients have found that continuing a coaching relationship enhances their job performance and accelerates the further development of their careers.

Other Services:

Many GCS clients wish to take advantage of additional coaching to enhance job performance and accelerate career development. If you would like more information, please visit our extended coaching services page.

Golden Career Strategies offers career transition services for:

  • Professionals contemplating retirement
  • Individuals returning to the workplace
  • New residents to the Upstate
  • The “trailing spouse”
  • Trailing spouse of an expatriate
  • Entrepreneurs: Comprehensive support to create your own business venture.
  • Professional Coaching or Consulting – individual sessions or packages

Please contact Stacey to learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation.