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What is Outplacement?

OutplacementOutplacement is an employer-sponsored benefit provided to help displaced employees make a smooth and timely career transition. Outplacement is offered by companies interested in giving their displaced employees the support, coaching/consulting, tools, assessments, structure,  and motivation to find new careers. Outplacement is a valuable service assisting client firms in managing organizational change.

When should outplacement be used?

Today’s business environment is wrought with changes: mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, downsizing, offshoring, relocation, retirement, and ever-changing market pressures. Most workforce displacements are largely a result of these changes. They can be traumatic and often unpleasant for both employer and employee. Outplacement services allow these changes to be made in a professional and structured manner.

Benefits to the Employer

Outplacement can make the termination action easier to implement. It assists companies in improving post-employment relations, which can reduce the possibility of litigation, the disclosure of proprietary information, and adverse publicity. In addition, using these services helps alleviate negative feelings and potential for theft or violence; and it improves the morale of the remaining staff.

Benefits to the Displaced Employee

Outplacement helps the displaced employee reduce the emotional confusion associated with job loss through counseling, training, and redirecting their focus toward the future. Our coaches provide intense career transition coaching, administer and interpret career assessments, develop a strong marketing campaign, and make strong contacts through smart networking.

printerWhat makes GCS Outplacement services different?

  • The Golden Advantage – We offer an extensive network and knowledge about the market.
  • Customized – We customize our programs to each client’s needs and budget.
  • Individualized – All coaching/consulting is a one-on-one and confidential process. No “cookie-cutter” programs.
  • Our Assessment Package – Our assessments include the most validated tools in the industry and measure not only career interest but leadership skills and workplace values.
  • Our Licensed Counselors and Certified Trauma Professionals offer services relative to the emotional issues common to job loss or job dissatisfaction.
  • Our Financial Advisors advise on issues relative to rolling over your 401K, IRA’s and are knowledgeable of all the tax implications.
  • Our Financial Coaches provide coaching to address emotions and beliefs around finances
  • Our Team Approach – With our collective knowledge our clients are assured they are getting the best career transition advice available.
  • Monday Morning Roundtables – Powerful and informative meetings held every Monday morning via Zoom or (conditions permitting) in our conference room with excellent speakers and networking with your colleagues in transition.