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FEBI Sample Report | FEBI Flyer

The Focus Energy Balance Indicator (FEBI) measures four fundamental patterns of personality: Driver, Organizer, Collaborator, and Visionary.

The FEBI enables you to discover the four energy patterns in the nervous system and the mix that makes up one’s personality, linking mind, body and behaviors. FEBI moves beyond self-awareness to self-regulation making intentional change and accelerated wisdom possible.

FEBI does not label people; instead, it shows habitual personality preferences and how to reclaim any energy pattern one finds helpful. It broadens people rather than narrows them.

The energy patterns are based on the way our nervous system functions and shows up at every level and how we move, how we feel, how we think, how we work, how we lead or relate to others and behave in the world.

  • The driver energy is direct and stays on point.
  • The organizer energy is steady and disciplined.
  • The collaborator energy is engaging and enthusiastic.
  • Visionary energy allows us to be open to new ideas and creativity.

When you take the FEBI assessment you will be provided with a password-protected page that you can log into and use to activate the neural pathway for the energy pattern that will best serve you in the moment.

The resources for all four energy patterns include:

  • Several helpful PDFs
  • Breathing exercises
  • Videos of the movements
  • Photo Galleries
  • Links to music and Spotify lists

Does your organization already have assessment tools? Consider adding FEBI to enhance understanding of employees and their behaviors. The Focus Energy Balance Indicator easily maps to other instruments as a
simple, experiential “coordinate system” that provides the tools helps people make desired shifts via their own neural patterns.

Developed by Ginny Whitelaw, Ph.D. and Mark Kiefaber, ©2005-2023, IZL. FEBI is a trademark of IZL.