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Identifying and Removing Stressors

Identifying and Removing Stressors

This summer I addressed little things in my life that either annoyed me or added stress. Once identified, it was easy to take action. Below are a few examples. I hope you will be inspired to identify and remove some of your own stressors.

1. Every morning I felt frustrated with having dirt and dog hair on the kitchen floor. Action: Bought a robot vacuum. Result: A smile each morning as I see the floors and empty the vacuum. Love it so much we now have one for the carpeted rooms and will be getting one for the upstairs.

2. Realized running two companies is a lot of work and a lot of extra expense. Ex: keeping up with monthly bookkeeping and paying for two insurance policies. Action: Contacted a lawyer to discuss options and ultimately dissolved Ask and Receive Coaching, LLC. Result: Ask and Receive Coaching services are now a division of Ask and Receive, Inc. My new business cards will arrive on my birthday. Less stress is an awesome gift.

3. I had lunch with a friend a couple of months ago and he asked me what I was doing for fun this summer. I responded that I was going on vacation in October. Action: When I heard myself, I realized that I needed to create some space for fun now. Result: When I spend time with the people I love, doing the things I love, I come to my office refreshed, creative and ready to serve.

I made additional changes. I smile when I notice them and am grateful that I gifted myself the time and resources for improvements. I hope the same for you!

If this sounds appealing but you don’t know where to start, please contact me.