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Gratitude makes for happier people, and a more successful business

Ah, the simple things.  Gratitude.  Grateful people are happy people.  “What have I got to be grateful for?” you might ask.  Indeed, there are those days, those seasons in our life when we might start to believe that we don’t have much to be thankful for.  Perhaps our boss steals our ideas, haven’t had a review or raise in 3 years, the company let me go with no warning or negative feedback ever, my co-workers are cliquish,  and my secretary talks behind my back.   It certainly sound like we’re asking you to drink the Kool-Aid to say there is a rainbow somewhere in all this.  But, there are things along the way, the support of your spouse, the client who is truly grateful for your efforts, or perhaps its a beautiful sunset on the way home.  Life is full of gifts, large and small, recognizing them and being grateful makes the rest a little easier to deal with.  And, as this WSJ article points out it just might be good for business.