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The Impromptu Speech, rational or rambling?

Some years ago the manufacturing company where I was VP was about to embark on a major change.  It was important enough that the president wanted to hold a company wide meeting first thing on Monday morning.  Over the weekend I considered how I would approach this topic and the major points.  Monday morning we settled into our cafeteria, the only room big enough, the president came in and started.  “I suppose you’re all wondering why we’re meeting this morning” … “Steve’s got something to tell you,” he said pointing at me.  Wow, talk about impromptu.  I was blessed.  I had thought about it over the weekend at least to the extent of making my major points.  But what about in  a meeting when the boss says what do you think?  Are you ready to present a coherent, rational thought with a plan to close?  Are you, like many prone to rambling because you’re not sure where this little speech is going?  In this WSJ article by Sue Shellenbarger, “How to Overcome Your Terror of Making an Off-the-Cuff Speech” strategies are explored that will help you to improve your impromptu speeches.