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Is it time in your career to yield, make a u-turn, or exit?

We all work hard to make our careers a success. This can be a detailed plan, it might be an opportunistic path as others pursue you, or it could be that as you reach each point you merely look for the next step. In many situations there comes a time of re-evaluation. Is this leading to where I thought I was headed? Can I afford to stay in this job? Do I have to check my personal values at the door each day to follow through on my assignments. Under conditions where you are challenged each day, where the space between your desired path and actual continue to widen, leaving you in the middle filled with anxiety, there comes a time to change the plan. In this Fast Company article by Anisa Purbasari Horton you can ponder just what your next steps might be to make a change. And when you do, Golden Career Strategies is available to make that change focused, timely, and productive.