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Another reorganization, is it time to head for the exit?

We’ve all experienced a company reorganization. Sometimes its economically driven, sometimes it is new ownership, it always causes anxiety. It often surprised me how quickly my co-workers would want to head for the exits before the reorganization was fully rolled out, before they knew how it might affect them. There’s a great deal of emotion expended in a reorganization many times leading to irrational choices. My question often was how can moving to a new company you don’t really know be better than staying where you are and finding out your new role? But, sometimes its just reorg fatigue, too many, too often, none of it making sense to those in the trenches. In this WSJ article by Sue Shellenberger she discusses a number of considerations when you find your self in the midst of a reorganization. She also advises to keep your network up to date and informed when it is time to move toward the door. How to Navigate an Office Shakeup. Enjoy!!!