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Making your next interview work for you

Perhaps you’ve had this experience, you interview with a potential new employer, or for a promotion/job change within your existing employer, its a great interview from your standpoint but you don’t get the nod. It isn’t always easy to find that right combination to get to that next step and I don’t have a silver bullet to offer you to overcome resistance. But, you can make some extra preparations for that interview.

Be prepared to tell a story about how you overcame adversity to meet a goal. Include as many details as appropriate, you see we remember stories, particularly real stories with the good person winning. Have in your pocket a story of how you didn’t quite win, but include what you learned in the process. Be able to tell a story that gives the interviewer an insight to the real you, the private you –but use discretion. In a WSJ article by Sue Shellenbarger she explores the ways that organizations miss potential and how you can work to avoid being a casualty, enjoy!