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The Challenges of Finding that First Job

The ever changing career market throws challenges at seekers as they try to out think employers desires.  I have seen a number of graduates working hard to give employers what they want.  First a graduate degree, then intern experience and now it would seem that job experience helps to set one apart from the crowd.  How does a student and ultimately a graduate find and secure the position they desire?

First, have a target.  Internships, graduate degrees and work experience will not add much to your resume if there isn’t a target in mind.  As you gather your education create an image of the business you would prefer to be a part of; create an image of the position you think appropriate for your starting role.  Do some research on those companies and positions, find someone who has, or has had the job you are looking to fill.  Remember, networking is the best way to find that career.  This article notes it was connections that landed one aspiring law student the position he wanted.  In this article by Sue Shellenbarger from the WSJ, May 7, she explores the challenges of the giving career advice in today’s grad market.  Enjoy!