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Boss Management 201

So ….. have a new boss?  And perhaps you’ve heard off bosses like this — demanding, unrealistically demanding, not supportive, perhaps you’ve even questioned they’re emotional stability with other members of the management team.  A little while back we had a GCS Roundtable discussion on boss management, we touched briefly on how to engage and manage bosses like this.  Bosses who aren’t team players who impressed the hiring committee with their take charge, self-confidence, change agent presentation. You can’t hide from such a leader.  In fact, you mustn’t take these tirades, or put downs personally. This is your opportunity to be a student of personality, learn how you must communicate, what to communicate and when to communicate.  Is there anything you can do to complement their shortcomings?  Is there anything they need to be successful that you can supply?  This topic, Handling a ‘Tornado Boss’ is explored by Sue Shellenbarger in a recent WSJ.  I hope you learn something of value, take notes on the list, if you don’t need the tips now, you may need them in the future, enjoy!  Steve Olson