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Overqualified or Unemployed, What Kind of Choice is That?

Ok, you’ve got great experience, killer credentials, you score the first interview, then the second.  And then you get the call, “we appreciate your submittal and participation in this process, however we going with a candidate who is a closer match to our needs.”  “Wait” you say, “my resume looks almost exactly like your requirements, in fact a little better.” “Too much,” they say, “you’re OVERQUALIFIED.”  The kiss of death, or is it?  Organizations want hungry applicants who meet their needs but not too much experience.  Sometimes the overqualified rejection seems like a veiled age discrimination, but it can happen to anyone.  Is this article by Sue Shellenbarger in a recent WSJ she discusses how to stay in the hunt.  Here’s some tips from Ms. Shellenbarger:

  1. Explain up front why you’re pursuing a position that seems beneath you.
  2. Research carefully so you can present better why you’re a match.
  3. Be consistent in explaining your reasons for applying.
  4. Talk about the things you hope to learn.
  5. Have references that can speak to your commitment.
  6. Network with contacts who know insiders.