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Extended Coaching For Clients

Extending Coaching For Executive ClientsMany professionals are fired less than a year after accepting a position because their short-term business goals were not met. Golden Career Strategies will help you avoid that fate by providing coaching for leading direct reports to success, dealing with the political landscape, and achieving your business goals.



Extended Coaching for Entry-level Clients

Extended Coaching for Entry-level ClientsOften, entry-level clients need assistance during the first few months on the job to understand how to position themselves for success. Golden Career Strategies includes in the CareerStart™ program one coaching session to give these young professionals tips and strategies for success in their work environments prior to their first 90-day evaluation.

Many CareerStart™ clients want to further enhance job performance and accelerate career development by working with GCS Career Coaches on an ongoing basis. Our coaches, who are experienced business professionals, can help clients acquire the critical skills needed for success in the workplace much faster than they would typically accomplish on their own.