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02/13/2023 via Zoom Re-embracing your Passion
02/06/2023 via Zoom Discovering your Strengths with VIA
01/30/2023 via Zoom Productivity Myths/Time Wasters
01/23/2023 via Zoom Moving Through Our Blocks
01/16/2023 via Zoom Avoiding Drudgery
12/12/2022 – 01/15-2023 N/A No GCS Monday Morning Roundtables During This Time.
12/05/2022 via Zoom Burnout
Guest Speaker: Leigh Holcomb, PhD, ELI-MP
11/28/2022 via Zoom No Roundtable: Save travels!
11/21/2022 via Zoom Benefits of Gratitude
11/14/2022 via Zoom Job Search Strategies
11/07/2022 via Zoom Neurodiversity Part II
Guest Speaker: Leigh Holcomb, PhD, ELI-MP
10/31/2022 via Zoom Neurodiversity, Part I
10/24/2022 via Zoom Success and the “Tomorrow Rule”
10/17/2022 via Zoom Branding Your Uniqueness
10/10/2022 via Zoom No Roundtable – Happy Columbus/Indigenous Peoples’ Day
10/03/2022 via Zoom Incorporating “Pause” in Life and Leadership
09/26/2022 via Zoom Guest Speaker: Leigh Holcomb, PhD, ELI-MP
The Squiggly Career: Ditch the Ladder, Discover Opportunity, Design Your Career”
by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis
09/19/2022 via Zoom Business Lessons from Aesop’s Fables
09/12/2022 via Zoom Identifying Values with the VIA
09/05/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy Labor Day
08/29/2022 via Zoom The Importance of Connecting
08/22/2022 via Zoom Leadership Endurance
Guest Speaker: Lonnie Decker
08/15/2022 NA Canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.
See you on the 22nd!
08/08/2022 via Zoom Shifting from Judgement to Wonder
08/01/2022 via Zoom Should Work Be Fun?
07/25/2022 via Zoom Building Your Resilience Capacity
07/18/2022 via Zoom Perfection Trap – Identifying When Good is Enough
07/11/2022 via Zoom Creating Conversations that Matter
Facilitated by Scott Wheeler
07/04/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy Independence Day!
06/27/2022 via Zoom Self-Trust
Guest Speaker: Steve Dorn
06/20/2022 NA No Roundtable: Juneteenth Federal Observation
06/13/2022 via Zoom Self-Love Is Your Self-Worth! It’s Your Time To Shine!
Guest Speaker: Lyn-Dee Eldridge
06/06/2022 via Zoom Designing High Quality Solutions
Guest Speaker: Richard Eppel
05/30/2022 NA No Roundtable for Memorial Day as we remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving
in the US armed forces.
05/23/2022 via Zoom Creating Trust
Guest Speaker: Steve Dorn
05/16/2022 via Zoom Using Phrases in Today’s Five Generation Workforce
05/09/2022 via Zoom Creating and Experiencing Daily Joy
05/02/2022 via Zoom Responding to “Tell me about yourself”
04/25/2022 via Zoom Navigating Loss
04/18/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy Easter Monday!
04/11/2022 via Zoom The Power of Active Listening
04/04/2022 via Zoom Successfully Managing Change
03/28/2022 via Zoom The Power of Both/And vs Either/Or Thinking
Guest Speaker: Richard Eppel
03/21/2022 via Zoom Understanding Imposter Syndrome
03/14/2022 via Zoom Now what do I do with this?
A model and discussion around handling work that comes your way when you’re part of an organization
Guest Speaker: Ken Buchanan
03/07/2022 via Zoom Stranger Danger:
Exploring Psychological Safety in the Workplace
Guest Speaker: Jada M. Addison, MA, MCCT
02/28/2022 via Zoom Addressing Confrontation and Instigation
02/21/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy President’s Day!
02/14/2022 via Zoom The Truth about Decision Fatigue
02/07/2022 via Zoom Setting Boundaries
01/31/2022 via Zoom What is Coaching
01/24/2022 via Zoom Defining and Planning for Success
01/17/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy Martin Luther King Day!
01/10/2022 via Zoom The Power of Declarations for Creating Your 2022
01/03/2022 NA No Roundtable – Happy New Year!
12/27/2021 NA No Roundtable – Happy Holidays!
12/20/2021 via Zoom TBD
12/13/2021 via Zoom Exploring Rest
12/06/2021 via Zoom Understanding the “Max Exodus”
11/29/2021 via Zoom How to Get Up when Controlling, Offensive Remarks Get You Down
Guest Speaker: Kate Cohen-Posey, MS, LMFT, LMHC
author of Bully Proof: Empower Yourself Without Overpowering Others
11/22/2021 via Zoom Using a Wheel of Life to Identify and Live Your Values
11/15/2021 via Zoom         The role of norm play in building a high-performance culture
Guest Speaker: Richard Eppel
11/08/2021 via Zoom Enneagram: Stress and Strengths
Guest Speaker: Barb Ranck, ACC
11/01/2021 via Zoom Difficult Conversations: Why We Avoid  and Improving
10/25/2021 via Zoom Guest Speaker: Marc A. Pitman
author of The Surprising Gift of Doubt
10/18/2021 via Zoom Keys to Customer Success
Guest Speaker: Ken Buchanan
10/11/2021 NA No Roundtable – Federal Holiday!
10/04/2021 via Zoom Brainstorming for Success
09/27/2021 via Zoom The Power of Declarations and Words that Inspire
09/20/2021 via Zoom Let’s talk about Sales
Guest Speaker: Ken Buchanan
09/13/2021 via Zoom Word Choice for Effective Communication
09/06/2021 NA No Roundtable – Happy Labor Day!
08/30/2021 via Zoom Anxiety at Work
08/23/2021 via Zoom Building Trust
Facilitated by Richard Eppel
08/16/2021 via Zoom Favorite Books that have Inspired/Taught/Motivated
08/09/2021 via Zoom Emotional Intelligence
08/02/2021 via Zoom Meyers Briggs Type Indicator: More than 4 Letters
07/26/2021 via Zoom Effectively Presenting Yourself
07/19/2021 via Zoom Exploring Conflict
07/12/2021 via Zoom Building Your Capacity for Resilience
07/05/2021 NA No Roundtable – Happy Independence Day!
06/28/2021 via Zoom Goal Setting with S.P.I.R.I.T
06/21/2021 via Zoom Understanding the Neuroscience of Decision Making
06/14/2021 via Zoom Onboarding Success
06/07/2021 via Zoom Empowering Others with  Delegation
05/31/2021 NA No Roundtable in honor of  Memorial Day
05/24/2021 via Zoom Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?
05/17/2021 via Zoom Creating a Vision
05/10/2021 via Zoom The Value of Incorporating Self-Care
05/03/2021 via Zoom Managing Change
04/26/2021 via Zoom What Do You Care About?
Guest Host: Richard Eppel
04/19/2021 via Zoom 30 Second and One Minute Intros
04/12/2021 via Zoom The Power of Vulnerability
04/05/2021 NA No Roundtable – Happy Easter Monday!
03/29/2021 via Zoom Combating Enemies of Learning
Guest Host: Richard Eppel
03/22/2021 via Zoom Identifying Ways We Self-Sabotage
Guest Host: Betsy Pickren
03/15/2021 via Zoom Sleep and Your Career
Guest Host: Steven Huskey, CTC, BCC, CLRC
03/08/2021 via Zoom Building Leadership Muscle In Your Organization
Guest Host: Richard Eppel
03/01/2021 via Zoom Incorporating Fun with Time Management
02/22/2021 via Zoom Honesty, Integrity, Care, and Excellence: Creating Powerful Culture
02/15/2021 NA No Roundtable – Presidents’ Day
02/08/2021 via Zoom Building Trust with Communication
02/01/2021 via Zoom Identifying the Gift in Each Situation
01/25/2021 via Zoom Improving Your Zoom Interviewing Presence
01/18/2021 via Zoom Understanding the Mind/Body Connection and Communication
01/11/2021 via Zoom Positive Intelligence for Interviewing and Networking
01/04/2021 via Zoom The Truth About Multitasking
12/28/2020 NA No Roundtable – Happy New Year!
12/21/2020 via Zoom Intro to the Effects of Stress on the Brain
12/14/2020 via Zoom Exploring the Strong Interest Inventory for Career Transition
12/07/2020 via Zoom Preventing, Identifying, and Recovery from Burnout
11/30/2020 via Zoom Bliss – What is it and how do I find it?
11/23/2020 via Zoom Becoming More Resilient
11/16/2020 via Zoom Energy Patterns and Leadership – An intro to FEBI
11/09/2020 via Zoom Understanding Resilience
11/02/2020 via Zoom Coping: The Impact of Fear and Ways to Minimize
10/26/2020 via Zoom Communication and Trust During Times of Chaos
10/19/2020 via Zoom Making Powerful Requests
10/12/2020 via Zoom Opportunity In a Pandemic Market

Topics subject to change.

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