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Are you a Veteran who needs help transitioning into a civilian career? 
VeteransGolden Career Strategies can help! Transitioning from military to civilian life is exciting, but it can also be challenging.  We provide specialized services for veterans so that their transition is as smooth and successful as possible.

Career Assessment

  • Inventory of professional skills, interests, motivations, values, and career goals
  • Diagnostic testing to identify work style, career strengths and weaknesses, and job function preferences
  • Identifying career objectives
  • The self-employment decision

Developing Effective Written Presentations

  • Career accomplishments
  • Elements of an effective resume
  • Chronological and functional resumes
  • Professional portfolios and fact sheets
  • Application forms
  • Letters of introduction
  • Cover letters
  • Follow-up letters

Preparing a Verbal Presentation

  • The 30 second commercial
  • Information and referral meetings
  • Rehearsing networking meetings
  • Telephone strategies

Developing a Personal Marketing Plan

  • Marketing strategy and job search action plans
  • Multi-track marketing plans
  • Identifying and developing network contacts

Interviewing and Post-Interview Skills

  • Elements of successful interviews
  • Types of interviews
  • Fielding questions
  • Interview questions to ask
  • Interview follow-up
  • Negotiating offers
  • Providing references