Golden Career Strategies would like to announce the upcoming topics:

Date Location Event Information
8/19/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. Collective Genius-Selected Topics
8/26/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Overqualified or Unemployed, what kind of choice is that?”
9/2/2019 ——- Labor Day Holiday
9/9/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Time Management-Do you manage it, or does Time manage You?”
9/16/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Agility-Personal & Corporate”

Topics subject to change.

Golden Career Strategies Roundtables

Are you interested in discussing your career transition efforts with other executives?

The Golden Career Strategies Executive Roundtable is a peer group of executives and entrepreneurs who meet each Monday morning to discuss career transition issues. This allows each participant to start off the week with a discussion of their personal career plan campaigns.

Meetings are led by facilitators with career-related expertise and include topics such as “Career Transition: the Emotional Roller Coaster,” “Interviewing Skills and Strategies,” “Building a Powerful Network,” and “Employment Agreements and Contracts.”

Participants consider the Executive Roundtable as one of the most useful benefits of The Golden Course for Career Transition™.

Call 864-527-0425 or send an email to request an invitation to attend The Executive Roundtable.