Golden Career Strategies would like to announce the upcoming topics:

Date Location Event Information
8/26/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Overqualified or Unemployed, what kind of choice is that?”
9/2/2019 ——- Labor Day Holiday
9/9/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Time Management-Do you manage it, or does Time manage You?”
9/16/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Agility-Personal & Corporate”
9/23/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Make the Most of Your Relationship with a Recruiter”
9/30/2019 ——- No Roundtable
10/7/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Go where the action is-The Fastest Growing Companies in the Upstate”
10/14/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Cultural Fit or Group Think?”
10/21/2019 ——— No Roundtable
10/28/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Collective Genius-Career Transition in 2019”
11/4/2019 The Point @ 9 a.m. “Building an Effective Network”

Topics subject to change.

Golden Career Strategies Roundtables

Are you interested in discussing your career transition efforts with other executives?

The Golden Career Strategies Executive Roundtable is a peer group of executives and entrepreneurs who meet each Monday morning to discuss career transition issues. This allows each participant to start off the week with a discussion of their personal career plan campaigns.

Meetings are led by facilitators with career-related expertise and include topics such as “Career Transition: the Emotional Roller Coaster,” “Interviewing Skills and Strategies,” “Building a Powerful Network,” and “Employment Agreements and Contracts.”

Participants consider the Executive Roundtable as one of the most useful benefits of The Golden Course for Career Transition™.

Call 864-527-0425 or send an email to request an invitation to attend The Executive Roundtable.