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Career StartAre you a young professional or a recent college graduate? Get your career off to the right start with CareerStart℠.

For several years the supply of new college graduates seeking employment has exceeded the demand in the employment market.

What does this mean for you? One very simple thing:

You need to stand out above the pack!

That sounds like a pretty tall order! Fortunately, helping you stand out above your competitors in your career search is what CareerStart℠ is all about. On average, clients of Golden Career Strategies find jobs 50% faster than the typical search without assistance.

CareerStart℠ will help you…

  • Focus on who you are and what you have to offer employers
  • Prepare for a very competitive job market—become “market-ready” by developing not only skills but also a localized network of contacts needed for success
  • Differentiate yourself through a compelling resume and expert interviewing skills
  • Evaluate job offers and select the position that is the best choice for you
  • Develop personal leadership skills that will not only help you land the position you want but also boost your performance once you’re in the job

CareerStart℠ includes two powerful components: the course modules and individual coaching.

The course modules are written specifically for the young career seeker. Golden Career Strategies has cut through the mountain of information available related to job searches via books, the web, and other sources to bring you material most relevant to your situation. It captures the best, most current information available for graduates entering the workforce.

Each step of your search is supported by individual coaching from experienced professional coaches who specialize in specific aspects of career management. GCS Career Coaches will enhance your efforts by providing expert guidance, feedback, accountability, and support for dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of finding your first position.

Course Modules:

Module One helps organize your search and, more importantly, gain an awareness of the current landscape in career management, including the realities of the job market.

In Module Two, you will complete assessments critical to helping you determine the direction you need to head with your search. There are many career choices out there. After this module, you will have a very good idea of the careers that suit you best and the work environments that will bring you the most satisfaction and success.

Module Three will enable you to create a compelling resume that will set you apart from others competing for the same positions. Also, the activities you complete are a foundation for the interviewing and marketing modules.

Whether or not you are successful in landing a position depends on how well you interview. In Module Four, you will learn the art of interviewing, including how to deal with the different people involved, how to answer difficult questions, ask good questions, and follow up effectively to ensure an employer’s good impression of you.

Every job search requires a personal marketing plan. After all, you are selling a unique product, yourself! Central to your marketing efforts is building a targeted network, an action that will help you land employment faster than the average job-seeker.

Module Five will add value to your campaign by assisting you in writing well-crafted letters, emails, and other documents. You will learn how to clarify points made during interviews, write a needs letter, confirm details of a position, or graciously decline an offer.

You may receive more than one attractive offer. You will learn about the many considerations that go into evaluating offers. Module Six will give you the tools you need to evaluate each position to ensure you make an informed decision before saying, “Yes!”

Bonus!! 90-Day Evaluation

Golden Career Strategies’ support of your career success does not end when you land a position. The CareerStart℠ program includes a coaching session to provide tips and strategies for success before your first 90-day performance evaluation.

Other Services

Many GCS clients wish to take advantage of additional coaching to enhance job performance and accelerate career development. If you would like more information, please visit our extended coaching services page.